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About Us

Technology with Quality

TechQu is reputed and professionally managed engineering organization manufacturing Complete Processing Equipment and System on turnkey Based For Dairy and Food industries.

TechQu is one of the fastest-growing engineering companies in designing, manufacturing, installation & commissioning Dairy & Food Processing Equipment and System on a turnkey basis. TechQu is a specialist in design and manufacturing, installation & commissioning of equipment and systems for the production of pasteurized milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice cream, Paneer, Ghee, RTS Juice, RTS Beverage, Fruits Pulp, Soft Drink, Ketchup, Paste, Fruits Juice, etc.

We have also Provided Services for Process Engineering, Automation Engineering, Energy Cost Reduction, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), Process and Loop Piping, and New Product Development.

TechQu offers a complete design and detail engineering for all aspects of the Dairy, Food, and Beverage Process industries by our in-house and network of engineers with the help of software.

Our manufacturing & site team consists of well-experienced engineers. The manufacturing team is under the head of the Production Manager and the site (field installation and commissioning) crew is under the head of the Project manager. Our site crew also undertakes the installation and commissioning of projects in India, the Middle East, and African countries Design.

TechQu is committed to the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and visitors. All the employees are trained in safety principles and practices that firmly state everyone has a right and responsibility to highlight an unsafe situation.

Our vision

Create TechQu Brand as an industry leader in offering Complete Processing Equipment and System for Dairy, Food, and Beverage Processing industries with Energy Saving & Eco-Friendly products and excellent after-sales service with customer satisfaction over object margin. The word-of-mouth publicity of our satisfied customers has helped us not only to acquire new references but also to capture a significant market share in the industry.

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