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CIP Station


CIP is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment and other associated fittings, without disassembly. CIP is generally carried out with chemical solutions mainly bases like caustic soda and acids like nitric acid, to clean the organic and inorganic solid deposits on the tube surfaces. The chemical cleaning is followed by flushing with neutral water to wash out any traces of the bases or acids.


Manufacture of CIP SYSTEM

The CIP Tanks (Cleaning In Place Tanks), allows that the chemical products to clean the food processing plant automatically. The system is composed of a series of tanks containing various solutions needed for cleaning: alkaline solutions base on caustic soda and acid (usually nitric acid) to neutralize.


  • Highly automated with sensors, pneumatic valves and PLC based control
  • Single User operation CIP of whole plant from one location
  • Single skid mounted equipment for easy installation and mobility
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