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TechQu designed and manufacture of  highest Quality of  Fruit Pulper and Fruit Pulper is an ideal machine for extracting pulp of Tomatoes, Mangoes, Raspberry, Papaya, Pineapple, Jamoon, etc The Fruit Pulper is a high capacity crusher used for high production Capacity useful for crushing of various seedless fruits/vegetable like Fruit/carrot /apple/pineapple/guava to Facilitate high yield juice/pulp extraction. The crusher consists of: – Rigid constructions with high speed crushing/pulverizing the fed fruit/vegetables. SS304 housing with perforated plate at bottom from inside which ensures/controls crushed product of a consistent size. SS304 rotor with serrated blades for crushing of products mounted on SS304 shaft. CI rigid bearing Housing with set of bearings. SS supporting structure for mounting of bearing housing and chamber. Fixed speed drive complete with Electric motor and couplings, guards etc. 
fruit pulper

The twin pulper is an advanced second generation version of pulper incorporating turbo- expelling technology thus ensuring higher yield –low wastage. The twin stage pulper ensures double stage pulping and refining of the pulp from various fruits. Consists of 2 pulping drums mounted on basic frame of MS/SS FRAME. 1st stage of pulper is fitted with coarse sieve suitable for pulping/deseeding of the fruit. The coarse deseeded pulp received from the 1st stage then flows into the 2nd stage pulper which is fitted with fine sieve of 1/36” or 1/48” sieve which ensures the pulp extracted is refined. All contact parts made of stainless steel (SS 304). 


  • Highly automated with sensors, pneumatic valves, and PLC-based control
  • Single User operation CIP of the whole plant from one location
  • Single skid-mounted equipment for easy installation and mobility
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  •  Low space requirements
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