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Industrial Chiiling System


TechQu  is a leading Industrial Chiiling System offering a wide selection of water-cooled chillers and reversibleheat pumps for commercial and industrial spaces. Our offer includes entire range of production and servicesrelated to water-cooled equipment including design and full circle manufacturing of both standards equipmentand tailor-made solutions for special projects.Compressor line includes screw and scroll-type machines that ensure required overload protection, solidconstruction and total compliance with highest standards of quality and performance in any operationalconditions. 

Industrial Chiiling System

TechQu has established its name in design, manufacture and export of Industrial Chilling Equipments; we design and manufacture wide range of industrial Chilling equipment with the best quality raw material for the desired client’s process. Few of the Industrial Chilling equipments that we produce based on the process need are listed below

  • Air Cooled System
  • Water Cooled System
  • Shell/ Tube Heat Exchanger
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