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Fruit Pulp Processing Plant


TechQu is able to provide a highest Quality range of Fruit Pulp Processing Plant. TechQu Fruit Pulp Processing Plant builds with Tubular Heat Exchanger based continuous pasteuriser heats the product up to 95°C and holds it for few seconds for total inactivation of microbes. TechQu offers complete projects for Fruit Pulp processing Capacity from 100 LPH to 30000 LPH

TechQu has the expertise to carry out the Design & Manufacturing of Fruit Pulp Processing Plant . TechQu pasteurizers are fully automated systems in which the product is heated in an indirect way, therefore with no direct contact with the heating medium. Heating takes place in a “gentle way”, thus keeping intact quality of the product.

The Fruit Pulp Processing Plant is basically composed of:

  • Fruit Reception, Washing, Sorting & Inspection Section
  • Pulp Section
  • Corrugated tubular Pasteurising Section / Homogenising.
  • Packaging
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