TechQu Engineering Manufacture of the highest quality range of Bulk Milk Cooler. The most important part of a collecting center of milk is the BMC. When the milk is extracted, it is at around 37°C. If the milk continues to remain at room temperature after extraction, bacterial growth will affect the quality of the milk. The BMC is meant to cool the milk to 4°C in a prescribed time. The Cooler is available in different shapes and sizes depending on the amount of milk to be cooled and the system of cooling. The capacity this Cooler is 500 L to 5000 L
Bulk Milk Chilling Tank

We offer this Cooler Machine, which is ideal for the improvement of milk quality. These milk coolers are widely used in milk collection centers, big dairies, village cooperatives/milk cooperatives, and the agriculture industry for the storage of milk


  • Highly automated with sensor and Digital Temperature control
  • Faster Cooling
  • Easy installation
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  •  Low space requirements
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