Cheese Processing Plant

Cheese Processing Plant

TechQu is able to provide a highest Quality range of Cheese Making Plant. 

We design highly efficient Cheese Plant that is developed using high quality stainless steel and raw material. TechQu offers complete projects for Cheese Making Plant from 200 LPD to 10000 LPD. Our expertise in cost effective design, bespoke manufacturing, automation, installation and after sales services has allowed us to be the turnkey solution.

Cheese is a by-product of milk we get from cows, goats, sheep, and other mammals by coagulating the milk and draining the whey. Coagulation is accomplished first by acidification with a bacterial culture and then by adding an enzyme to thicken the liquid.

Cheese is a nutrient-dense dairy food, providing protein, fats, and minerals. Most cheeses are made with cow’s milk.

The main components of cheese are water, milk fat, and milk proteins, predominantly casein.  Milk doesn’t turn into delicious cheese on its own. Another important ingredient in cheese is a coagulant, which helps the milk turn into curds. The coagulant may be a type of acid or, more commonly, rennet.

Our team of experienced professionals have adequate knowledge and expertise in providing you with customized solutions for setting up your cheese production unit.

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The Cheese Processing Plant is basically composed of:
  • Milk Reception Section
  • Cheese Vat
  • Cheese Hoops
  • Cheese Press (Pneumatically operated)
  • Cheese Cutting Machine
  • Cheese Sealing Machine
  • Cheese Cold Room

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