Milk Processing Plant

Milk Processing Plant

TechQu offers complete Milk Processing Plant projects for Pasteurized Milk from 500 LPD to 50000 LPD. We can heat milk up-to 80° C, keeping it at a hold time for 20s, and cooling it up-to 4° C for both pouch  and bottle packaging. Our expertise in cost effective design, bespoke manufacturing, automation, installation and after sales services has allowed us to be the turnkey solution.

Milk Pasteurization is the process of heating every particle of a product to destroy pathogens. The main objectives of pasteurization are as follows:

  • To increase milk safety for the consumer by destroying disease causing microorganisms (pathogens) that may be present in milk.
  • To increase keeping the quality of milk products by destroying spoilage microorganisms and enzymes that contribute to the reduced quality and shelf life of milk.
 Get complete solutions from our side for setting up your own milk processing unit. We have highly skilled and professional team of engineers for handling all dairy plant projects.

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The Milk Production Plant basically comprises of:

  • Milk Reception Section
  • Storage Tank for chilling of raw material before process
  • Plate Type Pasteurizing Section / Cream separation/ Homogenizing Section
  • Utility Section( Hot water Generator, Refrigeration System)
  • Storage of processed milk in storage tank
  • Packaging Section (Pouch, Bottle Packing)

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