Tomato Processing Plant

Tomato Processing Plant

TechQu Engineering is able to provide a highest Quality range of Tomato Paste Processing Plant Manufacturer. We offers complete projects for Tomato Paste processing Capacity from 100 KGPH to 10000 KGPB.
We are manufacturing & supplying complete Tomato Paste processing machinery on turnkey basis for the production of Tomato pulp, juice & concentrated puree, as well as single machines to meet specific requirementsWe can setup Tomato processing plant on turnkey basis where fresh mangoes will be processed to manufacture Tomato pulp, Tomato concentrate/Jam and Ketchup.
TechQ has the expertise to carry out the Design & Manufacturing of Tomato Paste Processing Plant.

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TechQu proposes high-level solutions for pasteurization and sterilization of a wide range of products such as Beverage Products. Our expertise in cost effective design, bespoke manufacturing, automation, installation and after sales services has allowed us to be the turnkey solution. Beverage processing starts from preparation section and continues till pasteurization. This integrated beverage processing line includes sugar syrup preparation, pulp unloading, ingredient dosing sections, beverage blending section, ready beverage storage section, beverage pasteurizer and a centralized CIP station.

TQ process technology and engineering expertise spans individual components, modular units, and complete turnkey plants for processing juice, soft drinks and concentrates, RTD tea, plant-based beverages, spirits, wine and beer. We also specialize in configuring automation, refrigeration, filling and packaging solutions for even for the most sensitive products.

In the beverage industry, the end-product must be: correct, complete and safe inside and out. TechQu is the best-in-class beverage machine manufacturers provide stand-alone to fully integrated product-inspection systems to address the challenges when you process frozen, canned, bulk, bagged, boxed or bottled foods or beverages.

The Plant is basically composed of:
  • Reception, Washing, Sorting & Inspection Section
  • Pulping, Crushing, Section
  • Concentrating Section
  • Packaging Section

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