Beverage Blending Tanks

Beverage Blending Tanks

TechQu has the expertise to carry out the Design & Manufacturing of Beverage Blending Tank.

Design: Vertical Cylindrical tank with Agitator. Fill Up Volume: working Volume + 10 %. MOC: SS 304.

SS 304 single Shell and cylindrical body will be fabricated from thick SS 304sheets. Sloped bottom towards an outlet for free and complete drainage of product. The tank will be top & bottom conical. The tank will be provided with Vortex Breaker. SS surfaces will polish to 180 grit. It can be used for ground & smooth juice application.

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We are engaged in offering supreme quality Stainless Steel Blending Tank, which is a tank with peripheral heating. This is installed in several dairies and food industries. The unit is completely rustproof, robust in design, and keeps the product contaminant free. We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of SS liquid mixing tanks, Juice Mixing tanks, Pulp Mixing tanks, Jacketed tanks, Insulated tanks, Stainless-Steel Tanks for Beverages & Fruit Juice Processing Plants from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

These are especially designed for uniform and homogeneous mixing of viscous liquids. The mixers / agitators can be customized depending on homogeneity and final product specifications. The tanks are equipped with high speed cleaning nozzles. We guarantee and assure that the cleaning efficiency will be good as per the hygiene standards.

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