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TechQu -Ageing Vat is used to cool down ice Cream mix and to maintain a temperature of around 4˚C It keeps the mix well blended, prevents separation of the ingredients, to increase the thickness of the mix, which in turn improves flavor, creaminess, texture, overrun and melting resistance of ice cream.

We are offering an exclusive range of Ageing Vat that is the ideal machine for mixing & storage ice cream mix at a certain temperature level.

ageing vat machine

Ageing vats are in stainless steel of 200 to 1000 liters for the stocking and conservation at +4°C of ice-cream mix. The refrigeration is carried out by means of water circulation at +2°C produced by a special ice water vat. The ice water runs through special steel coils on the lateral surface of the vat, insulated by injected expanded polyurethane. The ice-cream mix is aged in order to guarantee a per- fect homogeneity and creaminess to the finished product.

Ageing Vat made with Stainless Steel 304, 316. and Capacity Of  200 Liter to 1000 Liter and used to Cool down Icecream Mix and Maintain a Temperature of around 4˚C. Aging Tank is dairy Equipment


  • Highly efficient
  • Low Operational Cost
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance Cost
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