Apple Juice Processing Plant

Apple Juice Processing Plant

TechQu Engineering is able to provide a highest Quality range of Apple Processing Plant.

Apple juice is a low-cost drink with many benefits. It contains fructose, glucose, Vitamin A and C, and cellulose. Drinking apple juice can supplement various nutrition. It will generate gas in the Intestinal, and promote intestinal peristalsis and digestion. An isoflavone in apple can help restrain asthma. The potassium can alleviate arthritis and rheumatism. The soluble fiber in apple juice can prevent deposition of cholesterol on the vessel wall, so as to reduce the risk of heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Besides, apple juice is an intestinal cleaner. As a low calorie disease, it can reduce the risk of liver of kidney disease.

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TechQu can provide a complete apple juice processing plant that includes equipment such as washing machines, crushers, presses, clarifiers, pasteurizers, filters, and packaging machines. The company designs and manufactures the equipment to meet the specific requirements of the customer and comply with the current food safety regulations and guidelines. TechQu also offers after-sales service and maintenance for the equipment to ensure its longevity and performance.

An apple juice processing plant is a facility where apples are washed, sorted, crushed, pressed, and processed into juice. The process typically includes several steps such as:

    1. Sorting and washing: Apples are sorted by quality and washed to remove any dirt or debris.
    2. Crushing: Apples are crushed to release the juice.
    3. Pressing: The juice is extracted from the crushed apples by pressing.
    4. Clarification: The juice is clarified to remove any impurities.
    5. Pasteurization: The juice is heated to kill any bacteria and extend its shelf life.
    6. Filtration: The juice is filtered to remove any remaining impurities.
    7. Packaging: The juice is packaged in bottles, jars or pouches.
    8. Storage: The juice is stored in a cool, dry place until it is ready to be shipped to customers.

The apple processing plant basically comprises of the following sections:

  • Fruit Reception, Washing, Sorting & Inspection Section
  • Pulp Section
  • Pasteurisation  section
  • Filling Section

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