Orange Juice Processing Plant

Orange Juice Processing Plant

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An orange juice production line contains the following equipment and processes. They cover the process of fruit sorting, washing, conveying, peeling and extraction, fruit juice filtration, degassing, sterilization, homogenization and filling.

Citrus processing is challenging as the goal is to maintain the fresh fruit qualities as untouched as possible and yet obtain the maximum yield out of the citrus.

Orange and other citrus processing plants should be located near to the citrus growing areas so that the fresh fruit can be processed as soon as possible after harvesting. As temperatures in citrus growing areas tend to be high and fruit deteriorates quickly. Consumer citrus juice plants can be located anywhere and next to consumer markets as juice can be made out of concentrate. Juice is the most important product to be obtained from citrus orange by-products – pulp and peel represent about 50% of the oranges and they can be further processed into other marketable products.

In orange juice production process, there are normally two products, orange juice extracted from orange pulp and orange oil extracted from orange oil. The orange. There are two types of juices not from concentrate to define those juices that come from fresh citrus and frozen concentrate orange juice to define those juices that come from citrus concentrate.

The general process could be described as the following. After the washing and grading citruses are cut in half and pressed in different machines according to their size. Peels are evacuated on one side and juice on the other side. Cells are removed by passing the juice through a refiner in order to discard solid particles.

After it has been clarified by centrifugation the citruses juice for concentrate is concentrated by falling film evaporators and then packed into aseptic bags for industrial distribution and storage. On the other hand, not from concentrate juice is directly pasteurized and stored in aseptic storage.

Orange juice is the most popular drink in the world. It has good taste and nutritive value.

  • It contains vitamin c, carotene, citric acid, cellulose, pectin and various minerals.
  • The rich vitamin C and carotene can help prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • The cellulose and pectin can improve intestinal gurgling.
  • Drinking orange juice frequently can improve your looks and lower the risk of cancer.

According to market statistics, orange juice remain as the king of global juice market, taking up 46% of the juice market share. With the increase of people’s disposable income and health awareness, the orange juice consumption will keep growing. Therefore, orange juice production is a promising business.

The Orange Juice Production Line is basically composed of:

1. Orange Washing, Sorting & Elevating

2. Peeling and Squeezing Section

3. Orange Juice Extraction

4. Juice clarification (Ultra-Filtration)

5. Sugar Syrup Preparation Tank

6.  Orange Pulp Storage Tank

7. Filter Press

8. Blending

9. Homogenization

10. Standardization

11. Pasteurization

12. Filling Line: – Automatic Bottle Filling Line with Rinsing Filling & Cap Sealing Machine

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